Jonathan Peck

More than your average IT guy!

Web Design

With an ever growing knowledge base in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript I'm available to produce custom websites, with bespoke functionality and design.
I can always be contacted via the email address listed below.

Software Engineering

After gaining over 7 years of programming and software architecture experience, I enjoy spending my time producing computer software to help everyone's day to day lives made more efficient and convenient through the use of bespoke apps and software.

Computer Science & Game technology enthusiast

Something which has always been a deep love of mine is modern video games.
Sure, playing them can be fun, and it's easy to lose countless hours lost in a huge, immersive, fantasy world. But my real love comes from behind the scenes... to the teams that produce such products. I love the way people can bring whole new worlds to life with a combination of creativity, hard work, and computer software.
That's where I come in, I'm the guy to make such software!

Contact me, I dont byte!

I can be easily contacted regarding any matter with either:

- Email: Jon.peck (AT)
- Mobile: 07401 092 456
- Skype: Jon.peckodo
- Steam: jonpeck007